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Art trade with Kiddlet.I draw her Lexi for some oneshot of my ocs. <3
♥(ノ´∀`)my beloved oc; Lee Jiho and Megu Kurosawa
so i draw some fluffy chibi today,and quite satisfied with it.
Joshua hugging German Shepherd and he’s wearing Germany football jersey. XD
Anyway,requested by anon.
Today is VSD and instead of posting selfie, I have drawn Kenshi in firefighter outfits..hahahaha*sigh*  ^___________^”
Requested by rainy-raindrops
Mizuki Fujisaki for @otomehails ;)
Haruka MFW requested by evolliah \(^▽^)/
a quick chibi of Jan (BMP) for shiinakey (★^O^★)